superworm,zophobas morio
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High-quality superworm(zophobas morio) manufacturers: Dry superworm; superworm protein powder and lipid; The raw materials of nutrition and health products, cosmetic products, food, pet food and spectacular fish feed.

Addr.:Dalingshan, Dongguan, Guangdong, People Republic of China
  Insects are the largest biological taxa on earth. They have high multiplication rates, short life cycles, high food conversion efficiency, and are rich in protein resources. Insect protein costs the lowest but has not been fully ...   More>>   To be success, high-quality provenance is important. High-quality provenance can low the cost of feed, shorten the breeding time and have good resistances to disease. The breeding of high-quality provenance needs professional skills ... More>>
  Southern China Guangdong Rare insect breeding center is approved by Chinese ministry of agriculture, according to the law. We are committed to be the world’s leading. Our center locates in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. From 2004, we have been focusing on insect breeding research. We breeds rare insects as society responsibility ; focus, intention, innovation is based on the forefront of the industry's capital; quality exceeding customer’s expectations is our work standards. Cooperating with South China Agriculture University, possessing with professionals, advanced equipments and laboratories, we have been gone through 4 years’ effort in the research of superworm ... More>>>
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Address: Dalingshan, Dongguan, Guangdong, People Republic of China
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